new interview on littlecity

I recently did an interview with a Montreal-based writer, Emma, who runs a blog called littlecity. Here is a quick preview of her first three questions:

thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me. i’d like to start by letting my readers know a bit more about you! is photography a big part of your life outside of project unbreakable?

it was. i used to do a lot of photography on the side. i don’t do as much anymore because i’ve been so busy with the project. originally, i wanted to photograph musicians, actually! i love photography, but i never expected i’d be able to turn it into a career – that’s still something that really amazes me, and something i’m still trying to figure out. i’ve been a photographer for about 3 years now.

are you employed outside of project unbreakable?

i’m not. my whole life is pretty much this project. i’ve done photo editing and stuff in the past, but right now, i live off of public speaking. that’s been really wonderful, and it’s about the project so it really helps bring awareness.

you actually only started about a year ago and it’s grown quite rapidly in the short time that it’s been active. in fact, time magazine named you one of the top 30 tumblrs to follow – what has the experience been like for you?

it’s very surreal. i didn’t expect for this project to be successful. i expected a lot of backlash. thinking back to the day when time magazine announced the list, i didn’t even understand the insanity of it until a couple hours later. i read the post over again and it kind of clicked: “so that’s where all these followers are coming from! oh, right, it’s TIME MAGAZINE.” it was a really amazing feeling, but definitely very surreal. i feel like i’m living a dream sometimes.

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