2 updates!

1. If you are located in Southern California, I will be hosting a mini photo day this Sunday, April 21, in Solana Beach from 5pm to 7pm. It is first come, first serve and there is a ten person maximum for the day; to sign up & receive location info, please send us an email at projectunbreakable@gmail.com and Christina will get you set up :) Looking forward to meeting you!

2. If you are interested in submitting a photo using our projectunbreakablesubmissions@gmail.com email address, please follow these guidelines:

  • photo must be clear enough to read
  • please send no more than two photos per person
  • please be sure that there are quotations around the statement (if it is a direct quote)
  • unfortunately, because we combine 10 photos in one post to make sure they don’t get backlogged, we cannot take additional text for underneath the photo

Thanks so much!


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