fall speaking tour 2013

We are currently booking presentations for our fourth college tour! If you are interested in having Project Unbreakable founder Grace Brown and executive director Kaelyn Siversky speak at your school, please contact us at booking@project-unbreakable.org.

On top of our usual discussion of the history of the project and why it is important to shed light on sexual assault, we will also be adding a new portion to our presentation: the issue of consent & prevention - but straying far away from the age-old “don’t dress like that” way of thinking. 

We are looking forward to bringing more awareness to this issue, and hope you are as well.

Feel free to click below to read two testimonials from schools Project Unbreakable has visited in the past.

- Grace, Kaelyn, & the rest of the Project Unbreakable team


"Columbia University V-Day was pleased to bring Grace Brown to Barnard College’s campus for Grace’s first-ever New York City event in March 2013. With a mixture of personal anecdotes and compelling statistics, Grace’s presentation and following question and answer session was at once intimate and informative. Her commitment to continuing the important dialogue surrounding sexual assault was apparent through an enlightening and refreshing presentation geared towards sexual assault survivors and their allies alike. In a world where survivors are made to feel silenced, Grace Brown and Project Unbreakable do the incredibly valuable - not to mention honorable - work of bringing their immense strength to light." — Alex, Barnard College

"Project Unbreakable was just what our campus needed. Through the unique visual aspect of this project, we were able to engage people that other sexual assault awareness programs hadn’t been able to. This event was healing for survivors as well as life changing for many of the attendees who had never been confronted with the reality of this issue before. One attendee spoke to me afterwards and told me that she now knew what she was going to do with her social work degree—help survivors of sexual assault. Grace and her work are equally inspirational. She spoke professionally and fielded questions with a calm openness that really encouraged even the most reserved audience member to speak up. This was one of the best events we’ve had on campus in a very long time and I talk about it to anyone and everyone I can. I highly recommend bringing Grace and Project Unbreakable to every campus and any venue where sexual assault needs to be talked about regardless of the level of existing conversation around the topic. It is relevant to professionals who work within sexual assault advocacy everyday as well as those who have never thought about the issue before." — Rachel, Central Michigan University

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