The posters read:

1) “There is no way you are a virgin. You have done this before.” - tennis coach, 48 yrs. old.

I was 15 yrs old & I was a virgin. My tears meant nothing to him. I meant nothing.

2) “Good thing we’re not having sex because I could go to jail for that.” said right after he raped me. “I’m just your tennis coach.”

*He wasn’t just my tennis coach. He was my rapist. And after 8 yrs I broke my silence & he went to jail.

3) “It’s YOUR FAULT. You should have said something. You have caused us all so much grief and pain.” - my mom

4) “You little bitch. You’re going to get what you deserve.” what my former tennis coach said after he got out of jail and confronted me

"No one will love you like I did." - my tennis coach during the abuse ("grooming")

5) “You’re an ungrateful whore! You should have gratitude for all that I’ve done for you.” My tennis coach who raped me every day for 3 years

6) “Why didn’t you just leave or quit tennis?” detectives, district attorney

"Did they [abusers] threaten you?" reporters

"Why did you stay if you say it was so awful?" Tennis coach’s defense attorney

7) “Is this better than your tennis coach? You’re just not used to having it done right.” 

"You must have a thing for older men." - tennis stringer

8) “I know you want me. Tell me how you want it.” Friend of my tennis coach.

* I was silent. I didn’t want it. I was terrified. Screaming on the inside but nothing would come out. I had two abortions in two years from the abuse.

9) “You’re wet. I knew I could turn you on. You just needed practice. Now you have the easy job…. Now it’s your turn. Get on top!” - tennis coach

10) “When you have sex with someone, it should be with someone who loves you.” - tennis coach. His words to me as an adult when he found out I was dating someone. He left and kissed me goodbye. He never loved me and what he did wasn’t sex, it was child molestation + rape. I was silent for years before I told anyone.

11) “If you were only 3 yrs older this wouldn’t be a big deal.” tennis coach was 48, I was 15 yrs old

"You will never have it as good as you do with me" same coach

12) “It’s your job to keep me out of jail” tennis coach. He was 33 yrs older, stole my innocence, sense of safety, and nearly killed me. Today I stand stronger, he was convicted, and I found my voice!

Photographed in Solana Beach, CA on April 21, 2013 and NYC on February 15th, 2013.

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